Explore Southeast Alaska with Alaska Seaplanes

Alaska SeaPlanes has recently joined ZED-MIBA & is able to now reciprocate flight privileges.  We're happy to announce that we finally have an agreement in place.  Frequent flights from HAINES an SKAGWAY to Juneau & continuing on to Sitka, Kake, Gustavus are now possible.  Air North team members, spouse, children,  and travel companion/designate are welcome on Alaska Seaplanes flights at ZED-Low rates.  NOTE:  Parents are not yet eligible to fly on Alaska Seaplanes.

Bookings are done via e-mail or Seaplane's call center - more information is available under "ID Agreements" in myIDTravel.


More Europe!

We've been working hard for more additional coverage of Europe for the team, and we landed SAS.   Air North team members, spouse, children, and parents are welcome on SAS flights at ZED-Medium rates.

Learn more about SAS's policies at Fly Zed


... finally, WestJet!

After a long time and everyone completing training, WestJet is now live in myIDTravel for leisure travel.   Air North team members, spouse, children, parents, AND travel companion are welcome on WestJet & Encore flights at ZED-LOW.

Learn more about WestJet's policies at Fly Zed


Willkommen Swiss!

Swiss & Edelweiss are the latest additions to the Air North portfolio.   Air North team members, spouse, children, parents, AND travel companion are welcome on Swiss flights at ZED-LOW.  We also have a pending CONFIRMED agreement with Swiss & Edelweiss to take effect later August.

Learn more about Swiss's policies at Fly Zed


Copa and their Panama "Hub for the Americas"

We're pleased to announce a reciprocal agreement with Copa Airlines.  Copa flies a modern fleet of Boeing 737-700 & -800s & Embraer 190s from its "super hub" in Panama City, Panama.  Copa provides a GREAT network to get to & from Central/South America and Caribbean - 350 daily flights to 75 different destinations.  You can reach Copa thru YYZ, SFO, LAS, LAX, and DEN.   Employees, children, parents, and registered guest are welcome aboard at Zed-Low rates.

Please note that Copa requires a special extra step when requesting a refund, and ticketing can take up to 2 hours from time of listing in myIDTravel.

Learn more about Copa's policies at Fly Zed


Now, more Asia in reach!

After a 2 year hiatus, we got Cathay Pacific & Cathay Dragon back.  Unlike the previous agreement, this is for CX *systemwide* flights. Cathay has daily flights to their Hong Kong hub from Seattle & Vancouver.  Air North team members, spouse, and children are welcome on Cathay & Cathay Dragon flights at ZED-MEDIUM rates.  No parents or travel companion/designate.

Learn more about Cathay's policies at Fly Zed


Bem vindo, Azul

Additional coverage in South America can be had with Azul Brazil.  Azul has a very large network throughout Brazil, with flights to Argentina and the USA.   Azul welcomes all Air North team members, spouse, children, parents, and travel companion for ZED LOW.

Be sure to check up on Azul's non-rev policies at FlyZed.

Aloha Hawaiian!

And now Hawai'i and a VERY extensive Asia/South Pacific network is within reach.  Hawaiian flies over 120 flights a day inter-island - so they're great when Vancouver-Honolulu is full, but Kona/Kahului/Lihue are open, and just island hop.  Or if you feel like going to Papeete, Pago Pago, Auckland, Sydney, Brisbane, Tokyo, China... and much more!  Hawaiian welcomes all Air North team members, spouse, children, parents, and travel companion for ZED MEDIUM.

Be sure to check up on Hawaiian non-rev policies at FlyZed.

Air Canada now available to Air North

Our myIDTravel team has returned from the ZED annual conference in Croatia and was able to negotiate with Air Canada to load their flights for 4N staff, starting today!   Air Canada welcomes 4N team members + spouse/common law/domestic partner, children, and parents on board for Zed - Low for flights on AC and its direct partners (Air Canada, Air Canada Express, Jazz, and Rouge).

sure to check up on Air Canada non-rev policies at http://www.flyzed.info/ac.

Affordable Travel insurance for Non-Revs

Travel industry employees are eligible to purchase Insider's Club plans, by UATP.  Annual plans begin at *$34.00  CAD* (typical amount charged PER trip to regular travelers).  Plans include travel accident protection, baggage protection & reimbursement, car rental coverage, and emergency medical evacuation and repatriation.

This insurance is valid when you fly as a revenue or non-revenue customer; but not while you are actively working an Air North trip/flight (leisure travel ONLY).

To learn more, visit UATP.

¡Te amo, Mexico!  Tenemos Aeromex, err we now have Aeromexico.

¿Hablas Español?  ¿Porque no?  Time to brush up on your spanish, as we have finally landed a ZED LOW with Aeromexico!   AM flies to Mexico from Vancouver and other parts of Canada.  Air North team members, spouse, children, parents, and travel companion are welcome on Aeromexico flights at ZED-Low rates.  ** NOTE:  AM staff in YVR are your fellow Air North team members.  Please do not anticipate or expect courtesies not extended to other ZED travelers**

Learn more about Aeromexico's policies at Fly Zed


Hallo, Brussels.

Europe can be a bit easier now, as Brussels Airlines (formerly Sabena) now welcomes us on their flights, worldwide.  INCLUDING YOUR TRAVEL COMPANION!  Brussel's reach goes deep into Africa and the Mediterranean, offering us additional and new options to add some stamps to your passport. Brussels  welcomes all Air North team members, spouse, children, parents, and travel companion for ZED LOW/MED.

Be sure to check up on Brussel's non-rev policies at FlyZed.

Avianca Brasil and Argentina

We promised you a lot of international spots to go this winter, and we're keeping that promise.  How about some beach time in Buzios, Brazil?  Iguasu Falls anyone?  Or tour the wineries of Mendoza, Argentina?  We now have part of the Avianca family in our ZED list - Avianca Brasil AND Argentina (note: we are still working hard on Avianca - TACA and Avianca - Colombia).  Avianca welcomes all Air North team members, spouse, children, parents, and travel companion at ZED low rates.

Learn more about Avianca's policies at FlyZed.

And TUIfly Germany!

We're happy to also bring in the German arm of TUIFly (X3).  TUI is a very large operator in Europe with a handful of divisions, so when researching flights, make sure you are looking for "X3" as the IATA code, as we are not able to fly on Thomas Cook (MT) just yet, and we're also talking with the rest of the TUI family.  TuiFly welcomes all Air North team members, spouse, children, parents, and travel companion at ZED low rates.

Learn more about TUI's policies at FlyZed.

Yeehaw, Southwest!

And the original low-fare leader of the Americas is now available at your fingertips.  Southwest Airlines welcomes all Air North team members, spouse, children, and parents at ZED Medium rates.  Southwest will require to see your Air North BADGE when flying (employee only), and you *MUST* check-in at the gate, even if you already received a gate pass from the counter.  Southwest still manages their standby list by the time you check-in AT THE GATE.  You can miss your flight if you do not do this.

Learn more about Southwest policies at FlyZed.

Alaska is NOW loaded in myID!

Alaska is the newest addition to our myIDTravel online booking partners.  Alaska welcomes 4N team members + spouse/dom partner, children, and parents on board for Zed - Low and travel companion at Zed - Medium for flights on Alaska and its direct partners (Horizon, SkyWest, PenAir Dutch Harbor flights).

sure to check up on Alaska policies at http://www.flyzed.info/as.

Non Rev Travelers and Irate Customers

Lately, airlines have been in the news almost weekly for onboard issues involving airline policies, irate customers, and passengers with cameras.   Which, then results in uploaded videos of part of the situation & the ensuing drama associated with it.

As a reminder to ALL Air North team members - it is important that when you fly, you remove ALL airline identification from yourself, and that you do your best to "blend in".  This also goes for your eligibles. This is for your comfort, as lately many passengers have been targeting anger at airline staff.  Walking down the aisle with lanyards swinging from your neck makes you a moving target.

And if you do experience or witness any hostilities or issues between airline staff and customers, please use tact and provide assistance ONLY if requested.   You may identify yourself to a crew member once the situation has calmed down or resolved itself, but otherwise do not get between a customer and airline staff while non-reving.