*updated 17 January 2018*

What is non-rev?

Non-rev is the term given to airline staff and eligibles (spouse, parents, children, etc) who are flying on a reduced rate basis, also called "non-revenue" in the business.   Non-rev is mostly space available travel, with seats offered about 30 minutes before departure if any remain available to other non-revs.

What is an eligible?

An eligible is a person defined by the national tax code who can utilize benefits offered to you as an employee of Air North Partnership.  In the case of non-rev travel, an eligible is your spouse, domestic partner, children up to age 19, children aged 19 to 24 enrolled full time in college, and your parents.  We also offer a Registered Guest program, also called 'designate' for unwed team members.  Registered guest travel may not be available on all airlines, especially with major airlines (Air Canada, United, Delta, etc).

How do I non-rev?

Air North uses myIDTravel, a product of Lufthansa Industries, to fulfill travel requests of Air North team members who wish to fly on other airlines.  In order to use the system, you must have submitted a completed Employee Travel Form (click on FORMS) and also reviewed the Employee Travel Manual and/or the myIDtravel manual & completed travel training (via webinar, live session, or HR rep).  It is important that you know the basics of standby travel prior to listing for a flight.

When can I apply for non-rev travel?

Air North team members can submit their completed Employee Travel Profile to HR / Pass Bureau anytime after 30 days of employment.  Make sure that you also include all the required paperwork, or it could delay getting your profile approved.  You will also need to be issued an Air North ID badge, ID number, and date of hire.   Air North team members can apply at any time - even if you have been employed by the company for many years and never submitted a form.

Why do you need all this documentation?

IATA requires that we only offer flight privileges to staff and qualified eligibles.  In order to determine if someone is qualified, we must see/view the proof.  Failure to provide this documentation and backup may delay your myIDtravel profile.  We do not share any of this information with your boss or staff.  Children over 19 must be enrolled full time in college in order to receive flight privileges, and we must see transcripts and/or a schedule once a year.  Should your documentation be in another language, it is your responsibility to get it translated for our behalf.  If you are not able to obtain copies of marriage/birth records, please outline all steps taken to obtain these documents and submit to HR.  That does not necessarily grant a waiver of not needing to produce official documentation.

How soon can I travel?

Most of our interline travel agreements allow for unlimited, space available travel for Air North team members and their eligibles once they have completed 180 days of employment; a few of our friendly regional partners have allowed travel benefits as early as 90 days - namely Cape Air, PenAir, and Mokulele. We will soon be using myIDTravel for all bookings and listings for Air North flights, and those will be available to all team members upon completion of an Employee Travel Profile.

Do my eligibles have to fly with me?

No.  Your spouse, children, and parents are free to travel at any time on qualifying airlines.  Please note, not all airlines have extended pass travel to parents - please check the ID section of myIDtravel.  Travel Companions (designates) may have to fly with the employee - a few airlines do not presently require this.

What are the rules of flying non-revenue?

The basic core rules of flying non-rev are covered in the Employee Travel Manual, found in the MANUALS section.  This is a PERK, and should not be publicly discussed.  Violations can and do happen, which could result in the termination of your flight privileges and possibly even another airline cancelling our ability to fly on them.

What is the dress code?

The dress code on Air North is business smart casual.  We ask that you blend in with our passengers and clientele, and avoiding super casual clothing.  Our dress code on other airlines is Dress To Impress - business casual.  Dress to Impress can be found under FORMS.   Airline specific requirements can be found at the ZED page for each airline.

Do I have to attend travel training?

Yes.  Webinar travel training is conducted monthly with at least two time options.  Each session lasts about 90 minutes and provides time for answer & questions with your Travel Team.    We do strongly urge you to read over the Employee Travel Manual and myIDTravel manuals & share them with your eligibles, as they must also follow the same rules when flying standby.

What if I don't get on my flight?

Should the airline not be able to accommodate all space-available guests, please ask the gate agent for your best options to travel.  Sometimes they will roll you over to the next flight or provide assistance in getting CLOSE to where you want to travel.

If you opt to not travel on that airline/routing, you will need to go into myIDTravel and cancel/refund your listing.  Refunds can take 3 to 14 days to process.   You can relist for a new flight on the app, typically up to 30 minutes prior to departure.

Do I need my Air North ID to fly?

The ZED agreements no longer require airline staff to produce an airline id at check-in; however some airlines may require this.  Southwest Airlines is the only one of our agreements whereby the travel should have their Air North ID with them when they fly.

Can I still use myIDTravel after I leave Air North?

Per our ZED/IATA agreements, once your employment with Air North has terminated (except for certain leaves of absence and retirement), we will shut down your access to myIDTravel.  We are also required to cancel all listings in the future should you have any. This includes any present-day travel by yourself or your eligibles - so there is a risk that you may find your listings cancelled.

Do all Air North team members get access to myIDTravel?

No.  All full & part time team members will receive access to myIDTravel.  Certain dedicated staff may be eligible for myIDTravel, depending on your work agreement.  On call staff presently must contact the Employee Travel desk for all listings at this time.

What is the cost to use myIDTravel?

Air North has opted to cover the bulk of the monthly charges and setup for myIDTravel for all team members.  The only charge to you is a $1.10 Euro/segment fee billed by the transporting airline for each ticket flown.  This charge is refundable should you not take the flight.

Are ZED tickets refundable and changeable?

Yes, per our ZED/IATA agreement, all listings are fully changeable and refundable.  Refunds should be completed as soon as you know you can not take the flight.  This includes "no-show" - your ticket and/or pass is typically valid for either 90 or 365 days - please see the ID Agreements section of myIDTravel.

How far out should we list?

Because ZED travel is standby, we recommend completing your listing 24 to 72 hours prior to departure. Some airlines require at least 48 hours due to international regulations.   Most airlines will accept ZED listings up to 1 hour prior to departure, which is helpful if you are stuck in a hub and change your routing.