You are now free to move about the country!

Southern Airways Express team members, spouse, children, and parents are now welcome to fly on Southwest Airlines.   Southwest is a very large airline and comes after a *year* of working with Southwest on an agreement (they require myIDTravel).  When flying Southwest, please note a few differences from other airlines.

  1. You *will* need your Southern ID in order to fly on Southwest. Airport SIDA badges do not count. Your eligibles/dependents do not need your airline ID.
  2.  You can only book and cancel/refund in myID. You can’t change a listing.
  3. Southwest has a known glitch with same-day listings – so try to list 24 hours or more in advance.
  4. If the airport staff move you to a new flight, your booking may vanish from myID. So make sure to keep copies of your reservation # and or ticket numbers if you need a refund.
  5. Please adhere to the Southern Airways Express Dress to Impress dress code on Southwest – even though Southwest’s dress code is more lenient.
  6. Like all ZED agreements, you must be with Southern for 6 months before you can fly Southwest.
  7. Once you receive a gate pass at the ticket counter, you will need to recheck-in at the gate. There is a BIG CHANCE that you may be “skipped” if you don’t recheck-in at the gate. This can be a simple “Hello, I’m a non-rev for flight XXX to Midway at 2:30PM”. Sometimes the agent will clear you at that point, but Southwest doesn’t handle non-revs in the same fashion as the other airlines.
  8. You more than likely WILL get boarding pass C960. That’s just how things are. If you are flying with your children, be prepared to not sit together, and please do not ever ask a revenue customer to move so you can sit together with another non-rev traveler. It is at the controlling gate agent’s discretion to allow you to board with family boarding after the “A” Group.
  9. Southwest offers open seating ONLY.   There are no seat assignments.  If you have any special needs (flying with very small children, customer of size, etc) please be courteous and talk to the lead gate agent.  Southwest's employees tend to be very engaging and friendly, and respond to the same.
  10. Company business travel only:  If you receive a company pass (positive space ticket), you can check-in online at 24 hours in advance to receive your pass. Positive Space travelers ARE offloadable on Southwest.
  11. Southwest does participate in PreCheck.  Please add this number to your listing by calling 800-I-FLY-SWA or by managing your listing at
  12. The smiley/frowns in myID are not accurate. Please use Facebook Non Rev Loads group or make friends with folks at Southwest for loads.