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Hop around Australia & Asia

Hop around Australia & Asia

After a few months of talks, we were able to get an agreement with Qantas & its JetStar subsidiaries for TJ team members. Team members, spouses, children, parents, and registered guest are welcome aboard all Qantas, JetStar, JetStar Japan, and JetStar Asia flights at a Zed Medium rate.

AG or 3M? We now have SILVER

Silver Airways is now a part of our ZED program, with flights throughout Florida to the Bahamas and also some flying out of Boston.

Tradewind team members, spouse, children, parents, and travel companions are welcome on board Silver.




Worldwide travel thru Abu Dhabi! <3 <3 <3

Experience the United Arab Emirates & beyond on Etihad.

Tradewind teammates, spouse, children, and parents can now fly on Etihad to Abu Dhabi and beyond for Zed-Medium rates.

EY has flights to Abu Dhabi (AUH) from JFK, Dulles, Chicago, and LAX.  Upgrades are not available for ZED travelers.  Shorts are also not acceptable attire on EY.

Learn more about their policies at http://www.flyzed.info/EY 


Come fly the friendly skies...

After nearly a year of talks, we finally have an agreement with United Air Lines.  Tradewind employees, spouse/domestic partner, children, and parents are welcome on all United & United Express flights, worldwide, at ZED LOW.

Please be careful when selecting flights, make sure the flight is an actual UNITED or UNITED EXPRESS flight.  United has many codeshare flights with Lufthansa, Air Canada, ANA, and others.  It is important that you select the airline whose logo is on the tail when listing in myIDTravel.


Wanna fly the 747-800i?

And also new for 2018 is Lufthansa ^_^.  We now have access to LH's global network, including flights on the A380, Boeing 747-800i, and Airbus A350.  Lufthansa is a ZED-MEDIUM agreement for Tradewind staff, spouse/dom partner, and children only.  No parents or registered guests allowed on LH.

Lufthansa will sometimes confirm you WELL in advance of the flight.  If you see "X" seats open (click on FLIGHT DETAILS when selecting), once you complete your listing in myID, and go to Lufthansa.com and enter your information.  Many times, travelers will see their status change from "standby" to "confirm" and allow travelers to select seats.  We have reports of this happening up to a week before travel.


New discounts for Tradewind team members!

Discounts on Disney?

Universal Studios?

and Broadways Shows?!?!

Your Tradewind travel team have signed up with Ticketsatwork.com to bring you and your family discounts on a variety of attraction tickets, movie passes, Las Vegas & Broadway shows, and so much more!  Even Regal / AMC discount passes are available.   It is free to join - just go to www.ticketsatwork.com and register using company code FLYTRADEWIND.  Your spouse/dom partner, parents, and registered guest are all welcome to use these new discounts.

Monthly flyer will be posted under TRAVEL AGREEMENTS.



Even more options

Alaska is the newest member of our employee travel program.  Alaska welcomes TJ team members + spouse/dom partner, children, and parents on board for Zed - Low for flights on Alaska and its direct partners (Horizon, SkyWest, and some PenAir flights).  Flights operated by Virgin America still need to be listed as Virgin America flights.  This is important if your registered guest is flying - as they are welcome on Virgin but NOT Alaska.

Alaska has frequent flights to Seattle & the west coast from Boston & Newark.  LaGuardia flights begin to Dallas soon, replacing Virgin America.



And now, you can skip the lines too!

CLEAR | Tradewind Aviation Promotion

Enroll in CLEAR and beat the travel rush. CLEAR replaces your ID with the tap of a finger, helping you speed past security at 35+ airports and stadiums nationwide. Tradewind Aviation employees receive a $80 discount on an annual membership, so you pay just $99 each year.

Traveling with family? Add up to 3 adults to your membership for just $50 each per year. Children are always free.

Enroll now with your Tradewind Aviation Corporate Rate of $99:

  1. Begin your enrollment at com/enroll/p/CLICK HERE
  2. Visit the CLEAR Lane at your airport to verify your identity, no appointments needed.
  3. Move on through security in a matter of minutes.

Promo Code: TravelADI


¡Te amo, Mexico!  Tenemos Aeromex, err we now have Aeromexico.

¿Hablas Español?  ¿Porque no?  Time to brush up on your spanish, as we have finally landed a ZED LOW with Aeromexico!   AM flies to Mexico from numerous points in the US to Mexico.  Tradewind team members, spouse, children, parents, and travel companion are welcome on Aeromexico flights at ZED-Low rates.

Learn more about Aeromexico's policies at Fly Zed


Its not just an airline, its Isreal

El Al joins our list of agreements with international carriers.   El Al welcomes TJ team members + spouse/dom partner, children, and parents on board for Zed - Low (parents pay slightly higher) for flights on the El Al network.

El Al has service out of Boston AND New York Kennedy to Tel Aviv, with connections to points to 55 other destinations.

Note: refunds may take up to 60 days.


$20 on Frontier!

And as promised, we continue to deliver great agreements for our Tradewind team & your eligibles.  We've been able to reach an agreement with FRONTIER AIRLINES for $20 each way, plus taxes, for our team members, plus all eligibles, INCLUDING REGISTERED GUEST!  Frontier offers flights out of LaGuardia & Providence.

Frontier connects 62 cities in an interesting route network, using fairly young Airbus A320/A321 aircraft.  Frontier is a bit TIGHT in Main Cabin, however non-revs tend to get seated in STRETCH (extra legroom) at a high frequency.   Just a warning:  Frontier may not fly daily in many markets, so be aware you may need to use Plan B/C/D on other airlines.

Note: you do NOT pay for carry-on or 1st bag with Frontier.


Now announcing: Copa!

Happy Memorial Day everyone, and we're pleased to announce a reciprocal agreement with Copa Airlines.  Copa flies a modern fleet of Boeing 737-700 & -800s & Embraer 190s from its "super hub" in Panama City, Panama.  Copa provides a GREAT network to get to & from Central/South America and Caribbean - with links to Tradewind's Boston & San Juan markets.  Employees, children, parents, and registered guest are welcome aboard at Zed-Low rates.

**Special notes about Copa, click HERE to read more.


And now, WestJet!

Craving poutine?  Or how about soaking up the rain in Vancouver?  Well, now you can.  TJ team members + all eligibles (including registered guest) are welcome on board WestJet & Encore flights in myIDtravel at Zed Medium rates.

WestJet flies to 100 destinations in 20 countries - AND they don't overbook!  This is a great option when getting to & from the Caribbean (and Vegas), with a stopover in Toronto.

Note: you do need a valid passport when flying between Canada & the US!


Hallo, Brussels.

Europe can be a bit easier now, as Brussels Airlines (formerly Sabena) now welcomes us on their flights, worldwide.  INCLUDING YOUR TRAVEL COMPANION!  Brussel's reach goes deep into Africa and the Mediterranean, offering us additional and new options to add some stamps to your passport. Brussels  welcomes all Tradewind team members, spouse, children, parents, and travel companion for ZED LOW/MED.

Be sure to check up on Brussel's non-rev policies at FlyZed.


Welcome LIAT!


And now getting around the Caribbean just got easier.  Today (Jan 23) we now have a ZED-LOW agreement with LIAT.  Tradewind employee, spouse/dom partner, children, parents, and registered guest are now welcome on board LIAT when booked via myIDTravel.

Liat's hub of Antigua will make island hopping easier, along with a link to San Juan.

Liat Route Map



Porter Dash 8 - Q400

Now introducing: Porter!

Effective April 26, 2017 - we now have a new agreement with PORTER AIRLINES!  Porter offers high-end commuter service to Toronto City Airport (YTZ, not YYZ) from Boston & Newark.  Employees, children, parents, spouse, and registered guest are welcome aboard at Zed-Low rates.


Affordable travel insurance for non-revs

Travel industry employees are eligible to purchase Insider's Club plans, by UATP.  Annual plans begin at *$26.95* (typical amount charged PER trip to regular travelers).  Plans include travel accident protection, baggage protection & reimbursement, car rental coverage, and emergency medical evacuation and repatriation.

This insurance is valid when you fly as a revenue or non-revenue customer; but not while you are actively working a Tradewind trip/flight (leisure travel ONLY).

To learn more, visit UATP.

*note: Airline Doctors, Inc nor Tradewind receives a commission/credit for this.


Southwest "glitch"

Southwest recently moved to a new PSS (Passenger Service System) and it does not display flights in the same fashion as before. Nonstop flights will no longer appear first, as you will find with other airlines in myID.

Pass travelers will need to select a DEPARTURE TIME, otherwise the system will default to 5:00AM and display all options - including 1,2, and even 3 stop flights before locating a nonstop flight.

Listings on Southwest must be completed 90 minutes before departure, including changes.

Delta 747-400

Delta lower fares

Delta Airlines is now offering Tradewind staff and eligibles to travel at a lower rate - ZED MEDIUM instead of ZED HIGH.  Travelers will see a more significant savings of $30 to $200 per flight.

Non Rev Travelers and Irate Customers

Lately, airlines have been in the news almost weekly for onboard issues involving airline policies, irate customers, and passengers with cameras.   Which, then results in uploaded videos of part of the situation & the ensuing drama associated with it.

As a reminder to ALL Tradewind team members - it is important that when you fly, you remove ALL airline identification from yourself, and that you do your best to "blend in".  This also goes for your eligibles. This is for your comfort, as lately many passengers have been targeting anger at airline staff.  Walking down the aisle with lanyards swinging from your neck makes you a moving target.

And if you do experience or witness any hostilities or issues between airline staff and customers, please use tact and provide assistance ONLY if requested.   You may identify yourself to a crew member once the situation has calmed down or resolved itself, but otherwise do not get between a customer and airline staff while non-reving.