Copa flies to two Tradewind cities:  Boston and San Juan.  There are also flights to/from New York JFK for our OXR team.  A route map can be found here:

Non-rev information can be found at

Refunds MUST be requested via - so please keep your ticket number and PNR handy.

When flying on Copa Airlines, we have a few items to make you aware of.

#1.  E-ticketing takes 2 to 4 hours to complete.

#2.  In order to transit Panama, you MUST have a return listing or continuing leg in order to depart your first point.  Example:  I was in Buenos Aires and going to Panama for a few days, but I did not have my listing done.  I had to go on myID and book/list my next flight out of Panama in order for the Copa staff in Buenos Aires to clear me to my flight to Panama.   So you NEED to have your next flight out of Panama listing ready and available for the Copa agent.

#3.  You don't need a visa to visit Panama.

#4.  Keep an eye on the loads - Load Share on Facebook is a great example.  Copa tends to fill up. Make sure you have a backup.

#5.  Flights over 6 hours can get weight restricted.  These include the nearly 7.5 hour flights to Santiago Chile, Mendoza, Cordova, and Buenos Aires Argentina.

#6.  Luxury hotels are a bit on the cheap side in Panama, but getting to them could be expensive.  Consider a rental car as some shuttles may cost $30 to $50 each.  Uber and Lyft are also in Panama.