Employee Travel Manual

Please read this guide prior to flying as a non-rev, on Tradewind OR on another airline.  This guide may also be shared with your spouse/domestic partner, registered guest, children, and parents.  It is YOUR responsibility that all travelers understand the do's and don'ts of non-rev travel.

myIDtravel Manual

We've recently updated our myIDtravel manual to the new layout and design.  It is also important you read through this manual when using myIDtravel on a desktop computer.

We are still working on a manual for myIDtravel when used on a smart phone - there are many features not available when using an Apple or Android device.

Employee Travel Profile Instructions

All part time & full time Tradewind team members must fill out and submit an Employee Travel Profile in order to use the myIDtravel system.  This instruction sheet will go over the requirements and any questions you might have.